How to properly store Self-adhesive Label to prevent it from losing its stickiness due to moisture, deformation and other factors?

Publish Time: 2024-03-20
Proper storage of Self-adhesive Label is the key to ensuring it maintains excellent stickiness and long service life. Once the Self-adhesive Label becomes damp or deformed, its stickiness will be greatly reduced and may even cause the label to fall off, thus affecting product identification and traceability. Therefore, we need to take a series of measures to ensure the proper storage of Self-adhesive Label.

First, the storage environment should be kept dry. Moisture is one of the main factors causing Self-adhesive Label to lose its stickiness. Therefore, we should choose a place with low relative humidity as a storage location and avoid exposing labels to humid air. At the same time, regularly check the humidity of the storage environment to ensure it is within an acceptable range.

Secondly, avoid direct sunlight and high temperature. Prolonged direct sunlight and high temperature will cause the Self-adhesive Label to deform and age, thereby affecting its viscosity. Therefore, we should choose a cool, well-ventilated place to store labels and avoid direct sunlight. In addition, the temperature of the storage environment should also be controlled within an appropriate range to delay the aging process of the label.

In addition, labels should be stored flat to avoid squeezing and deformation. During storage, we should lay the labels flat to avoid stacking them too high or being pressed by heavy objects to prevent the labels from deforming or sticking together. At the same time, turn and organize the labels regularly to ensure they remain in good condition.

Finally, pay attention to the shelf life of the label. Self-adhesive Label also has a certain shelf life, after which its stickiness may be affected. Therefore, when purchasing labels, we should pay attention to their production date and shelf life, and try to use them within the shelf life. Expired labels should be dealt with promptly to avoid misuse.

In summary, to correctly store Self-adhesive Labels, you need to pay attention to the humidity, temperature, light and other factors of the storage environment, and take corresponding measures to protect the stickiness of the labels. Only in this way can we ensure that Self-adhesive Label maintains good performance during use and provides strong support for product identification and traceability.

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