Service Strategy
Pay attention to the customer's needs in the early stage, which is more conducive to the customer's good impression of our profession, and then we will provide our professional knowledge on the customer's product for the customer's reference, and assist the customer to complete a perfect product. If customers need design services, we also have designers who can give customers advice.
1. Proofing according to the requirements of customers. Some products need to open the mold, and the cost of mold opening needs to be borne by the customer. (If the order quantity reaches a certain quantity, we can refund the corresponding mold fee)
2. After the two parties confirm the drawing, quote, sign the contract and pay the deposit. The production time is calculated starting from the completion of the custom mold.
3. The official sample completion time is 6 days to 8 days.
4. The delivery time of bulk orders will not exceed 45 days.
5. After the official samples are confirmed, the customer needs to return and sign a set in time and send it to us for storage.
6. Mass production of orders: Carry out mass production according to orders and confirmed samples.
7. Please provide a copy of the business license copy (provided by the customer), a trademark authorization certificate (provided by the customer), and a production power of attorney (provided by us + signed and stamped by the customer + return).
8. Shipment, the remaining payment settlement.

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